ARTICLE 1 - (May 15, 2005)



And the Moon became as red as blood...    The newest in the ever increasing indications that the coming of the lord is near, raises the hairs on the back of my neck.  The Pastor of the North Carolina Baptist Church that attempted to expel 50 members of his congregation for the "sin" of not supporting George W Bush raises to new heights the desperate, headlong fall of the North American Church into the political arena, and again makes clear that the Articles at this site, as well as those that can be found at "The-Tribulation-Network", and many others like them is again verified as true, and having their fingers directly on the pulse of American Christianity.

    We have stated here on this site, again and again that there can be no good coming out of the Church's affiliation with the kingdoms of this world, and this story is a perfect example of that fact.  Here is an excerpt from United Press International's report on the matter...

WAYNESVILLE, North Carolina -- Rev. Chan Chandler, pastor of East Waynesville Baptist Church in the Blue Ridge Mountains, left the church Tuesday night taking about a third of the church's 100 congregants with him.    
The 33-year-old made national headlines May 2 when he reportedly expelled nine people for not following his instructions to vote for Bush last November. He did not speak to the news media, but released a statement through his lawyer saying no one was expelled from the church because of political affiliation.    
In his farewell, Chandler did not apologize for the division he caused and said his only underlying concern was to save unborn babies from abortion, the Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer reported Wednesday.



There is loving your country, and then there's LOVING YOUR COUNTRY!    What this Pastor did, was he directly had 9 people voted out of his church, and made harsh suggestion that just over 40 others leave the congregation for the "sin" of not supporting the Republican party, to which those members responded in protest by leaving the church.  During the 2004 presidential campaign, Chandler told his congregation that those who intended to vote for John Kerry should "repent or resign" (their memberships).  After a firestorm of debate, criticism, and church turmoil, Chandler resigned from the Church pulpit on May 10th, 2005.  He denies that the "misunderstanding" had anything to do with politics, in spite of preaching support for Bush last year, and stating that those who would vote for John Kerry would need to "repent or resign".

    In spite of calling this issue a "big misunderstanding", it is clear that not only this pastor, but in fact many Christians in America feel the same as he does.  We have spoken to them, we have heard from them.  They have called us up on the telephone, and told us it is our "Christian duty" to vote for George Bush.  There is a stubborn unwillingness in Christians today to look at the fruits of George Bush's administration, and to just cling to the "ideal" that George Bush is a Christian, and we "can't judge him" appears to be the trump card both the republican party, and the Church are using to keep disagreement at bay.  Again and again we hear people say these words; 

"Well George Bush is a Christian, and I refuse to say other wise, and you aren't supposed to Judge".  

    Just incredible.  Incredible that Bible believing Christians can find a way to mesh war and Bloodshed into their faith.  That they can find a way to put the deeds of the George Bush Administration into the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Gallivanting along in the ignorant bliss of the statement "You should not judge",  while refusing to look at the results that are so ever before them, the church succumbs to the deception of the political parties, which was named by Jesus as the realm of Satan, and becomes a tool by which evil men come to a place of ruling an empire. 

And those who know better.    What results you might ask?  Take a look at any of the Articles on this, and the other sites mentioned here, which have FAIRLY reported the series of events that have occurred over the last 35 years, and you can see for yourself.  I quote a word in one of our Articles discussing these matters; "If you didn't know what your money was doing you should have, if you didn't know what your leadership was accomplishing in the world, you should have taken an honest look, so that you would have the truth."   The Article - "The Blessings of God"

    This Pastor's actions manifest what is a growing movement in Christianity today, and it is one that has taken on a whole new set of beliefs, and is militantly going about to establish George W Bush as Christianity's man, and to utterly condemn anyone who believes otherwise.  This an extraordinary development, and we will continue to report on it as it manifests itself.  What is even more incredible than that, is an overall denial of Christians everywhere, that this "Dominion Theology" as described in the "Reconstructionism + Dominionism = Warfare Theology" Article, even exists, which is yet another mark of Satanic activity.  Christian activity confesses, proclaims, and speaks the Word of God, where as Satanic activity denies, hides, and contradicts the Word Of God... Period.  



Patriotism!  Patriotism!  Patriotism!    As we have worked diligently to discuss the current developments in the so called "Post Modern world", and in the Christian Church in general, we have come up against a very skillfully placed defense machination, which we believe is a deliberate twist of scripture, and a very powerful use of scripture to bring about the silencing of truth in America, and even more efficiently in the Christian Church.  Even as Satan twisted the Word of God in the garden, and again in the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, he is up to his old schemes again in the final hour of history, to the end, as has always been the case, to bring down God's children, and to spread his kingdom even into and among the people of God.  This vile misuse of scripture manifests itself in the form of a gross dereliction of the scripture found in the Gospel of Luke...

Luke 6:37; Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:  

    The current use of this scripture in the Christian Church in America amazingly has become an effort to defend the actions of George W Bush since he became president. Whenever the conversation progresses to the point where the deeds of the Administration are being made manifest for what they truly are, this "Trump card" if you will, is pulled out as opposed to a viable, scripture based response to the truth.  A very dear and important Brother of mine was debating these items with another long term brother of mine, whom I love very dearly.  He is my friend, and even if one of us is on the wrong side of the fence on these matters he will remain a dearly beloved friend in my heart.  But as this discussion progressed, and the deeds of the American Government where clearly pointed out as contrary to the principles of scripture, the brother resorted to the statement that "we should not judge others".  In all honesty, this is a very evil, and disarming scheme that is unfolding today, and is designed to keep evangelical and other Christians from taking an honest look at the truths that are playing out around us.  There are other scriptures that point out that this scripture has to be qualified in the life of a believer, such as... 

John 7:24  Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.. 

    Jesus clearly did tell us not to judge other men, and in the context of that conversation, he was talking about the condemnation of men in general, based on a number of items, such as Who they were, what they did for a living, what country they hailed from, and what sins they had committed in the past. But this verse from John 7 clearly indicates another mandate that was given to Christians in the world, and in fact it is the entire purpose of the children of God in the world, and that is to speak the truth into the doings of the world, to stand for righteousness, and to speak the word of God to men.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is exactly this.  In addition to sharing the good news of the salvation provided by Jesus' death on the cross, we are to stand for that which is right, to be salt and light in the world, and condemn evil, and stand for that which is good among men.

without a doubt, this will be a big problem in the end!    This above described tact of using the "judgment" scriptures to indicate that Christians are to just blindly, ignorant of the truths of their deeds, support certain of the government, and to just give full support, is in direct opposition to the real purpose of Christians in the world today.  To make the point again, to shut down conversation about truth, and to cut off those who would stand for the principles of our faith by saying "You should not Judge" when Jesus said clearly to judge a righteous judgment, and to speak against that which is evil, is doing exactly what I am saying here; It is silencing a very important aspect of our calling in Christ; To stand against that which is against the principles of the Gospel, and to raise a holy standard for those who name the name of Christ, and those who would desire to come into his kingdom. It is in fact an attempt to silence the Gospel itself.  By allowing certain men to continue to do major atrocities in the world while calling themselves Christians, and to neglect to stand against this activity, is to completely silence the Gospel throughout the world, since one of the primary institutions claiming to be the ambassadors of that which is Christian in the world today has become the American government.

    It is true that we are not to Judge people, like Muslims, like Buddhists, (imagine that!) like those who disagree with our faith. To show them the love of Christ, and to live according to the scriptures, showing men the light and power of faith in Christ. It is NOT true, that we are not supposed to examine the deeds of those who would claim to be Christians, and to abandon the order of Christ, to be aware of those who would creep in among us as wolves in sheep's clothing, and to expose the evil that they stand for, and to "Judge with righteous judgment" as we discern to "Know them by their fruits". We are NOT to walk around basking in ignorance with our blinders on while we ignore the amazing evils that are going on around us in the name of Jesus Christ.

God help the Church to remove its blinders, and to see the signs of the times!



    let's talk about the "results" that I mentioned earlier... What are we talking about when we say "The results that are so ever before them"?  First, let me say unequivocally, that we hate abortion as much as the next Christian.  We despise most of the policies of the democratic party as much as the next one.  We do not love the world and its deeds any more than than the next believer.  The difference is, that we know the answers to these hideous evils do not lie in the Republican party, which is no more christian than the democratic one.  We know that we wrestle against principalities and powers, that govern the world from spiritual realm, and that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds.  How can we say something like that?  Let's look at some truths that we have been talking about regarding these matters...



No help for them in the kingdoms of this world    Over the course of the last 36 years (since 1969), we have had two democratic presidents. Just two. Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton.  These two democratic presidents encompassed 12 of the 36 years, The other 24 years have seen the offices of 5 different Presidents from the republican party.  Richard Nixon, Gerry Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., and now George W Bush.  Since we have had one decade of Democratic leadership, and soon we will have had over three decades of republican leadership, (32 years at the end of George Bush's second term), the question that begs to be asked is why do we still have abortion in America?  Every single one of the republican presidents mentioned ran on an anti abortion platform.  How is it that Abortion continues in a country where a overwhelming majority of its leaders for 4 decades have been anti abortion?  Some would say that it would be for various reasons.  Some of those republican presidents endured democratic majorities in the house and the senate, some have had "more important endeavors" to bear.  Excuses, excuses, excuses.  The truth is, if a president, ESPECIALLY a reborn christian one, which if he were such, would carry a deep, abiding, passionate hatred for the atrocity of abortion, and having become the most powerful man in the world, and believing that there are millions of American citizens being killed, would have the opportunity to do things even as drastic as declaring a state of martial law on this matter, and doing away with the massacre that he ran against during his campaign.  Certainly this President will have no excuse, since he enjoys a majority in the Senate, and the House.

    Each and every one of the presidents mentioned has made token gestures in the area of abortion, and each time, as expected, those efforts failed and were futile to begin with.  The most recent gesture made by our current republican president, was an attempted ban on partial birth abortion; the most heinous, and diabolical form of euthanasia in the world today.  This president knew as well as did his cabinet that this attempt would suffer a quick and decisive defeat in the court systems of this country, and has made no effort since to end what basically amounts to legalized genocide in this country.  Abortion has been extremely low on the priorities of all of the republican administrations in question, and a look at history tells that story plainly.  The plain truth that history tells, is that republican or democrat, for the past 40 years, nothing has been done about this terrible atrocity, and I would venture to say, that in 2008, at the end of this president's term, the story will be no different.  

    The entire platform of this president has been a preemptive strike policy, where there are conditions that endanger the lives of Americans, (which in and of itself is ridiculous), and that this country has the right to move militarily if even a suspicion arises that someone may move against us, so again the question begs to be asked, why is the climate not the same when it comes to the millions of unborn children that are being massacred in this country, simply because men and women do not want to live up to the consequences of their actions, (the real issue surrounding abortion).  Why doesn't this born again, bible believing christian president act?



    Barring some military or martial takeover of this government, and a total commandeering of all of its institutions, a situation under which there would definitely be no choice for the president to abolish abortion because it would be said that there was nothing standing in his way, a situation under which it would in fact behoove him to satisfy his claims, and his constituents, simply to save face, (which is paramount to politicians), there will be no real moves to abolish abortion in this country.  Again, history proves beyond question, by a soon to be 32 years of republicans and a mere 12 of democrats, that republican presidents have no more will to rid this country of this hideous evil than democrats do.  By the way, the situation described in the above paragraph is really not that far from coming to pass, so we could in fact see this event in the coming few years.

    Unfortunately, kind, understanding, accepting Christians, who have entered into the political realm, failing to understand that in this realm, lies, deceit, and out and out falsehoods rule the day in the kingdom of Satan. Therefore, they do not see that knowing that Christians enjoy a huge percentage of this population, and therefore any man who wanted to take the presidency this time was going to have to have evangelicals in his corner, and therefore, the Something WILL be done.... soon! current President's claims to be one of them, were decided as a political strategy long before he ran, and they are bamboozled into believing that his goals are to serve them is accepted on a wholesale level throughout the christian Church today, and we see the results of this terrible course of events playing out on the world stage today.  The results?  Hundreds of thousands of deaths of non military men women and children, (citizens) international resource robbery, and some of the most incredible military profiteering we have ever witnessed.  May God help Christians in this country to see the truth of these matters, to overcome the mandate not to question these men, (which has been fed to them directly from hell), and help them to break off their ties with the kingdoms of this world, to serve the truth of the scriptures, and to end the shaming of and the trodding under foot the gospel of Jesus Christ.


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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