I am working on a much larger work that will discuss what I will talk about here, but I figured, given the long lay off and the folks emails of concern that we may have "disappeared" or had some tragedy befallen us, I figured I'd chime out a bit on the coming War and what its implications are.  Thank you very much readers for the loving slap up side the head, and the wakeup call!  Sometimes I need to get re-energized and make another run at it!

    I could not sit by and allow the hypnotized faction of the religious right to skate by on the proclamation:  "See??  They hate freedom of expression, and therefore freedom in general!"  Yes, that's right, I too am talking about the Islamic outcry about the cartoons we recently saw that now seem to single-handedly... (with no help what-so-ever from the war in Iraq, the general "War on Terror" and the status quo trampling the residue under its feet, that our beloved government has so imperiously graced the world with?).  Yes, these cartoons seem to be single-handedly catalyzing the Islamic world for all out war against the epitome of its inner fears, the United States of America!

    HOG WASH!  Come on folks.  Its not about cartoons. It never has been, and it never will be.  Satan merely used the wound he needed to slash to open the ALREADY stored up flood of hatred for America that has been brewing in ALL of Islam, and caused it to helplessly and shamelessly spill out onto the world stage.  Helplessly, because what really does America have to do with a couple of cartoons from Denmark, and shamelessly, because the Islamic folks burning these flags know that damn well...

    I might also take this opportunity to point out that long before a couple of cartoons laid naked the brewing catastrophe that is the coming world war, also known as the Gog Magog War, which I have said is nigh at the door, (more in a minute), we in the network of linked sites have been telling you is the case... But I won't. :P What I really want to say is that if you read the countless articles we and our networked brothers and sisters have written, you will see that the scenario we have drawn out is happening almost to the tee.  To wit, the "willful king" has returned, and is about to move toward the south.  There is no escaping the word of God, even in a fantasy based belief that all the "good guys" get scooped out before all the bad stuff happens!  It's at the door brothers and sisters, like it or not.

    Why point that out?  We point that out in order to support our explanation of coming events, and to prove the legitimacy of our words.  To plead again and again with our fellow Christian to jump off the insidious "bandwagon to hell" that support of Governments and war represents, and to appeal to Christian brothers and sisters to return to the spirit of the meek and lowly, yes, even the PASSIVITY and yielded ness of the true sons and daughters of God, who's stake is not in this life, but in the one to come!  To call them back to the arms of the loving and kind man who had no place to lay his head, and yet told us to love our enemies... before it is too late to do so!   And those on this web site make no such assumption that the time remaining is in long supply!  Look at that image to the left... is that the image of militancy?  Is that the image of rising up and defeating your foes in battle?  Is that the image of so called "activism"?  is that the image of WAR?



    You mark these words brothers and sisters, and mark them well... An all out "clash of civilizations", a "catastrophic war" of never before seen ferocity, a "nation against nation", "battle to the death" of the cultures of Christianity and Islam is about to take place, and in spite of all the clichés in that statement... there is nothing cliché about what is about to happen in our world. We have again and again warned of its immanent arrival, and make no mistake about it, this March will not "come in like a lion and go out like a lamb"!  April Fools day this year, may need to be declared a world leadership holiday, in light of the outbreak of a no-win struggle.

    Again, is this a construct of clichés designed to make us sound profound, or an incredibly accurate declaration of the arrival of the closing chapter of the mystery of godliness, and the end of this chapter of God's will?  Take it as you will, but it is not only at the door as we have said, is already underway.  The media in America has no choice but to feed it to us slow, but the truth we will soon be choking on here is that we are at war with Islam, and what may be even more astounding to your average Joe American Christian, is that Islam didn't start this all by itself. 

    A set of cartoons showing Mohammad with a turban bomb on his head did not ignite the fuse we now see burning in the middle east.  Oh the fools who believe that is the case!  Please, open your eyes if you do!  The cartoons were drawn and printed in DENMARK...  Why then is Islam burning AMERICAN flags all over the middle east??  (no Joey, its not because they want an excuse to hate America).  It never ceases to amaze me how desperately Christians are clinging to their fabled American innocence in the world wide struggle that is about to begin!   But why should we be surprised that the current struggles now have a religious face on them?  This is what we knew was the case all along right?  RIGHT?  Please consider the articles and warnings we have placed on this site for the past couple of years folks.  If you really need to see what is about to happen in our world just look at the word with an open heart!

    I am working on a larger work related to the coming war, and it will be called "The Gog Magog War - America's Place In Scripture"  it will hopefully be placed on the site before or around the end of the month, and will expound in greater detail about some of the things I have eluded to here, and will get "more to the point" about a lot of what we are saying will occur in March and April, and throughout the coming year.  God bless until then, and thanks for keeping us in your prayers!  God is moving powerfully to cleanse his people, or weed out the tares!  Let us all fall at the feet of Jesus Christ in the coming time of incredible trouble and lean on his Grace!  




In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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