ARTICLE 11 - (April 13, 2006)




    As discussions with our good friends in the American Christian church and in the workplaces of America continue to reveal astounding levels of either ignorance or arrogance, (we haven't been able to figure out which yet, although we have our suspicions), it remains hideously clear that folks are just not "getting it" in terms of the coming war with Iran.  I figured I would lay out another tidbit here on that subject, in order to try and spell it out in yet another new and hopefully creative way. 

    This time let's discuss CNN's proclamations of the coming war.  Why not take it from the news sources we trust so much, and in whom we place immovable faith and to whom we assign untouchable validity...  I will sight 3 Articles from CNN in the last 24 hours, and point out some of what they say, and what we believe they manifest. 

    The first, Article 1, involves the long expected announcement by Iran, (in total defiance of the international community according to state dept spokesman Sean McCormack, more Iraq bramble), that it has successfully enriched Uranium...  The Article is here, please read it...

story.ahmadinejad.irtv.jpgIran Declares its Uranium enrichment independence!

    In this Article they describe how the President of Iran declares with pride, (to the happy shrills and dancing in the streets of the Iranians), that they have successfully enriched enough uranium to run a nuclear Power plant.  Listen to some of the stuff that the Iranian president declares...

"Our nation is a peaceful nation," Ahmadinejad said"  (At this point I'm sure the world is supposed to dismiss that comment about "wiping Israel off the Map". He didn't really mean it)...

"Our nuclear activities have been under complete supervision... unprecedented supervisions"

"And today we are interested in operating under IAEA supervision,"  (But make no mistake about it WE ARE operating).

    What we have here is a country well aware of the dangers that lie ahead, hoping that the slow turning tides of public opinion in America are going to buy them enough time to produce themselves a nuclear deterrent.  They are on a desperate scramble to get the only thing that can currently actually stop an American invasion on a country's land... A nuclear arsenal.  This was also proven when Iran completely backed off on entering into its own new bourse, (that it had to create when the one planned in Spain for early 2006 was scrubbed behind American and international pressure).  This new bourse, or stock exchange, was going to be for the sole purpose of allowing Iran to accept petroeuros as payment for oil, rather than petrodollars, a move that would have far reaching consequences for the American dollar, and we might add the Iranian leadership.  It was what the Iranian government meant when it said, "America is good at inflicting pain, but it is not immune to some pain of its own". 

    Unfortunately, the slow turning tides of public opinion in America are not going to buy them enough time, because this administration has no intention of letting Iran "go nuclear"...  That statement is clearly shown in Article 2 of this Chronicle, please read this one... 


Rice on Iran: 'We can't let this continue'

    "When the Security Council reconvenes [later this month], I think it will be time for action," Rice said. "We can't let this continue."

    So you can ignore the constant denials of every other administration official, (the same denials we heard abut Iraq by the way),  because this statement here says it all.  This is the State dept, Pentagon, White House, view on this matter.  "We can't let this continue"  remember those words brothers and sisters.  More of the article... 

Rice did not elaborate on what type of action the Security Council should take, but senior State Department officials said it could include a move to impose a travel ban against Iranian officials and freezing assets of the regime.

The latter is already in effect in the United States, but a U.N. resolution on similar action would require approval of all 185 U.N. members.

    How many of you reading this article knew that Iran's assets in America are frozen?  I would bet the number is nil.  What our government is doing is the same thing it did with Iraq, the information is being snuck into American consciousness little by little, and soon the population will be shrugging its shoulders that we are at war with Iran.  There is no need to have the assets of Iran frozen in America when they just announced yesterday that they have enriched uranium, which is a FAR cry from having a nuke.  This augment's the point we have been making all along, it is about Oil and the American dollar's preeminence on the world Oil market.  You see folks, Iraq and Iran have to be taken, not because they are a threat to our country in terms of terrorism, they have to be taken because they became a threat to the Dollar.  It is about the "Secret treasures" and the new gold of the 21st century... Oil.  See Doug Krieger's Article on this matter here...   Hidden Treasures!  What it REALLY comes down to, is that they have to be taken because the scriptures WILL be fulfilled as written, and the "willful King" needs to "return, and move toward the south"!

    China represents the most dark and hideous aspects of what America supposedly despises, and WAY worse than Iran or Iraq, but because China continues to support the dollar, they are left to violate their people's rights, kill their own citizens, and commit all manner of terror wherever they will.  In fact, I am saying that soon they will even be allowed to take Taiwan back in spite of the fact that America promised it would intervene, as a trade off for China not becoming involved in the conflict in Iran. 

    If you are reading this Signs of The Times Chronicle in context, (as you should), with Chronicle # 4 and some of the others about the newly constructed base on the shore of the Med in Israel, and you consider that there are three joint American/Israeli bases in Israel right now, from which attacks can now be launched all over the middle east, coupled with the new base in Azerbaijan, the newly established British front on the borders of Iran and Afghanistan, and the massive troop strength positioning along the Iranian border in Iraq, and you are probably becoming aware of what is happening.  But we will come back to this point shortly... 

    Let's look at what I believe is the most disturbing of the 3 Articles I am sighting here in this Chronicle, Article 3 again, I would ask that you read it...


Hersh: U.S. mulls nuclear option for Iran

     Some of the most disturbing stuff we will discuss will be the stuff that investigative reporter Seymour Hersh put fourth in his recent report for the Article he wrote for The New Yorker....


He was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer recently...

He says that a contact of civilian nature in the pentagon says that Bush:

"Is absolutely convinced that Iran is going to get the bomb" if it is not stopped. He said that the president believes that he must do "what no Democrat or Republican, if elected in the future, would have the courage to do," and that "saving Iran is going to be his legacy."

    Saving Iran is going to be his legacy???  Is it possible that Bush doesn't see any Legacy already established in Iraq??  So in Bush's mind, his real mission hasn't even begun yet!  more of Hersh's interview...

Blitzer:  So what's your bottom line? Do you believe, based on the reporting you did for this article, that the president of the United States is now aggressively plotting military action, a pre-emptive strike against Iran?

Hersh:  The word I hear is "messianic". He thinks, as I wrote, that he's the only one now who will have the courage to do it. He's politically free. I don't think he's overwhelmingly concerned about the '06 elections, congressional elections. I think he really thinks he has a chance, and this is going to be his mission.

    Hersh goes on to say that his sources in the pentagon are saying that the nuclear option is not being taken off the table with regard to Iran and dealing with its nuclear aspirations, and he goes on to say that if the Administration doesn't take it off the table, there will be a series of resignations at higher levels in the Pentagon and the White House.  I would say that if this guy is reporting from a reliable source, then when we see these resignations, we should prepare for the worst for Iran!

   I'm sure the Leadership in Iran were mighty surprised when they were told that they would be invaded for sure if they opened that new bourse by the US.  (Unless you have some other explanation for them putting the idea on "indefinite hold" because of "technical difficulties").  Of course that's what they were told, Iran has been flexing its military equipment for the last three weeks in total Saddamesque fashion, showing the fear of a soon to be deposed regime of men who have placed their proverbial foot in their mouths, and are now scrambling for an answer.  I guess things get pretty "technical" with a hundred million tons of military might bearing down on your servers!  (I'm sure Chavez is watching with interest).  Do I need to point you to the articles where Iran announced their new missiles, and their new torpedoes?  No, I don't, you all saw the news just like I did. 

    Yes, I think they were told not to open that bourse, and I think since this invasion would already be underway right now, there would have been no time to get that all important deterrent, and so they adhered to the threat.  But make no mistake about what all this posturing by the Iranians with regard to their new equipment, and such, as well as their scramble for a nuke means:  It means that they are spooked beyond just words of sarcasm and verbal retaliation.  They know the seriousness of what they are facing in the coming weeks, and they are not going to sit by and watch it come.  Their actions are as transparent as the Administration's insidious denials that we are planning a military strike on Iran.  It is as transparent as the fact that they are planning ISRAEL'S attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, and Americas contingent backup, in the interest of keeping Israel from being destroyed in the middle east!

    Let's keep our hearts in prayer for the leadership of the world right now, and for the leadership in the middle east, they are going to need it in the coming months, and as we have said numerous times, get ready for the invasion of Iran, and the continued campaign known by those in scripture reading circles as The Gog Magog War!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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