ARTICLE 3 (June 17, 2005)


Would you give me a break PLEASE!    The more I speak with the average American Christian, the more afraid and concerned I become for them.  It is getting to the point in our land today, that the average American Christian just can not cut away from America, not only on a spiritual level, but on a moral one.  The conversation always transpires in the same fashion, with the American Christian lending his undying moral support to the George W Bush administration, with no concern what-so-ever for the facts.  How can this be?  How can a man who names the name of Christ lend his unconditional support to the kingdoms of this world, while completely ignoring the facts?  In addition to this, questioning the atrocities at hand is considered unpatriotic??  Who told the American Christian that Jesus waves an American Flag?  Who told the American Christian not to examine the deeds of those who claim to be one of their own?  Since when do the people of God have citizenship in the kingdoms of this world, or since when are we taught in scripture to wrap our Christianity in a flag?  

    I just don't understand it brothers and sisters I really don't.  For the last few years, our Government has been about some very shady dealings in the world, and has done some extraordinarily questionable things, and my fellow christian simply doesn't want to hear it.  After the tragedy of the attacks of 911, our military launched a campaign against the leadership of the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Ok, so let's assume for the sake of this conversation, that this was an act of seeking "justice" for the 3000 families that lost loved ones in the terrible tragedy we now know as "911".  Let's say that, as far as the kingdoms of this world go, that that campaign was expected, and again, as far as the kingdoms of this world are concerned, would be the expected result of such an attack on their lands.  Let's face it, the kingdoms of this world are not the kingdom of Christ, so you can expect that one of those kingdoms would carry out the revenge or "justice" that was the war on Afghanistan.  I'll give you that, that's the way the world is, and it is to be expected.

Who is this guy?  I know he was important at some point!    But, without even mentioning the fact that we who name the name of Christ are not called to live, act, or believe this way, I am inclined to ask this question:  Where is Osama Bin Laden?  Why did our Government, a kingdom of this world, not finish the job it began in Afghanistan?  If the whole purpose of that action was, as the Government says, "To bring the leaders of this terrible and heinous attack to justice", why didn't they do the job?  Why did they completely drop the ball on bringing Bin Laden to justice, take 130,000 American troops over to Iraq, and start hunting Saddam Hussein, (and ooops! Just so happened to have "stumbled" into controlling the second largest reserve of oil on the planet, and what do you know... Just happening to put Iraq back on the Dollar, instead of the Euro.. man how convenient!) 

Al-ZaCowardly!  Somehow now the most important man in the "War on Terror"    leaving just a small amount of soldiers in Afghanistan to accomplish the paramount task of the "War of Terror"?  Why in God's name did the headlines read "WE GOT HIM" when they found Hussein?  He isn't the man we sent them to the middle east to get, neither is he the man they claimed they were going after.  The American people and the congress sent our military to get Bin Laden, not Hussein.  To bring to justice, the man who both admitted, and claimed responsibility for the attacks that began this madness in the first place.  But regardless of the fact that the hunt for Bin Laden is no more than a side issue to the American government at this time, and that somehow Al-Za-Cowardly seems to have become more important than him, (obviously because he is in Iraq), it seems that the hunt for Bin Laden is no longer an issue, nor has it ever been beyond throwing up a headline every once in a while saying some foolish thing about the hunt for Bin Laden?

    That is the case Brothers and sisters, because the primary issue that the attacks of September 11th 2001 served, was to give the current leadership the opportunity to do what they HAD NO CHOICE but to do.  Iraq switching to the Euro would have eventually led to a serious downfall of the American dollar.  Iraq's refusal to do business with America on oil was also going to prove to be a major problem for some of the most powerful people in this land.  Why is it that while my Brothers and Sisters in America cry "God Bless America", they seem to be totally blind, and even ignorant of these FACTS?  Why, when we speak the truth about these things, do Christians accuse us of not supporting our troops?  Why do they accuse us of not "loving our country"?



Look at it, thats it look at it long and hard American Christian... THE TRUTH!    The truth is, we DO love our country, and we DO care about our troops.  The difference is that we want our troops HOME defending our own borders where they belong, not out in the desert giving their lives for the Bush administration's closest friends, namely Halliburton, Chevron Texaco, Exxon Mobil, and the like.  We don't think our troops should be giving their lives to secure the second largest oil reserve on the planet for the corporate billionaires that run this government.  Every day I am thankful for the ability to speak my mind, to choose my employment, and to go where I please.  I am indeed thankful that of all the places in the world I could have been born, that I was born in America.  The difference is that I don't believe that I have to conform my spiritual confessions and beliefs to the republican party line.  I conform my beliefs to the word of God.  Sometimes I am accused of being a Democrat, and sometimes I am accused of being a Republican.  Both parties have some truth in certain areas, and as long as you are speaking the truth you are going to say things that could sound like either side at various times.

    At some time during the last decade, the Church "took sides" so to speak. Unfortunately, they forgot which side they are supposed to be on.  It isn't Democrat or Republican Brothers and Sisters!  Its Worldly or Spiritually, its you belong to this world, or you belong to Jesus Christ.  It is you are a citizen of the kingdom and household of God, or you are a citizen of this world... Period!  Satan has a nice little ruse going on there, where he offers two choices - both evil, and in picking one, we still lose!  There is no grey area here folks, as George Bush so clearly stated in his address when he announced his plans for the "war on terror"... "You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists."  Well, you know what George?  I have a third choice I am going to spend the rest of my life offering anyone who will hear.  "I am with the Lord Jesus Christ." 


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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