ARTICLE 4   (July 14, 2005)


    We have posted a new link on the "Breaking News" page, to an Article by a man in Israel named Jerry Golden, who runs a site called "The Golden Report".  Jerry and his friends recently went snooping around an enormous excavation and construction project going on in Israel as we speak.  A construction and excavation project that has obviously been going on for a number of weeks now.  As Jerry and his friends snapped the pictures of this puzzling location, a frightful realization, (one that they were expecting), began to materialize before their eyes!   Hundreds of small, compact buildings neatly placed in rows?  A large round Helipad with room for multiple choppers to land at once?  Underground bunker and tunnel entryways?  A Radar Tower?  Jerry and his friends quickly realized they were snapping pictures of a minimum 25 square mile military base being constructed on the shores of the Med in Israel quickly, quietly, and unbeknownst to the population of Israel!  I will show you some of Jerry's pictures, and share some of our thoughts on this amazing development!

One of Jerry's Pictures - From a hilltop not far from the base. Barracks?

    Ok, so what's the big deal? Israel is in the hottest region in the world right now.  What would be so surprising and unbelievable about another base being constructed in such a threatened country? With American military activity increasing all over the middle east, and with the threats emerging from Iran, it would seem logical if not prudent to expand military capability in Israel in times such as these... right?


Warehouses - enough to store enough Military hardware to run a war. A "Major Theater War"!    What if we told you that this shiny, new, highly advanced, enormous new Military establishment in Israel is being built by and for THE AMERICAN MILITARY... Do we have your attention?  In our Blog today, I promised Jerry's proof of American involvement in this activity, (which in and of itself constitutes that it is military in nature), and that comes from a picture of the front gate of this no admittance "Storage facility".  There is no question that the existence of this base is again, an amazing and telling event in the happenings in the world. In particular, the ones we have been sounding the trumpets about here at 11th Hour for the last two years.


    Here is the Picture of the front gate.  In addition to the warning posted forbidding admittance to this "Storage facility", is an American flag, erected right next to an Israeli flag, and to the center-left of the photo is a "Project completion date" sign, with a date of August 31, 2005.  This "Storage facility" is going up in one heck of a hurry isn't it??  See a close-up of the project completion sign at Jerry's site. (we have a link to his Article on our Breaking News page).  Some may wonder what the implications of the idea of the American Military building an extraordinarily equipped base on the shores of the Med at this point in time, and what specifically do we think they intend to use this base for?  Let's examine the possible uses for this "Storage facility".  (this is what the officials are calling it when asked)...



    I can think of a couple of explanations for the existence of this enormous facility.  Let's take a look at those possibilities...

  1. This could in fact be a storage facility.  The Official position on this facility, is that it is a storage facility, and that the Americans are helping Israel build it.  I'm sorry, but do both the Israeli and American governments think the WHOLE world are idiots???  Even though there are a number of warehouses, as shown in the pictures above, why in God's name would there need to be scores of "barrack" type living quarters constructed at this location if it were a storage facility? Do they intend to keep the workers living at this place?  Why does there need to be such a large Helipad for a storage facility?  What reason in the world would a storage facility need to have underground bunker and tunnel entrances?  Sorry, but this explanation falls ridiculously short in justifying this facility.

  2. This could be the future living arrangements for the people who will be displaced by the Sharon disengagement plan.  If this was the case, it would raise a few questions for me.  Some I asked about the storage facility story.  Why the helipad? Why the underground tunnels? Why underground bunkers?  If it was the final resting place of these folks, why the warehouses then?  Why wouldn't the Sharon Government be parading this facility all over the papers and media in Israel if it were a government sponsored development for housing the people displaced by its agreement?  More in question would be why wouldn't America, and George Bush especially, be touting the goodwill of his administration in helping out with such an endeavor?  This is not an adequate explanation for the existence of this facility. 



A Water Tower?  Given the plentiful supply of water in the area, this is also an inadeqate explanation.    So what do we think could be the most likely explanation for such a facility being built in Israel at this time?  We agree with Jerry in his Article on the subject.  This is without a doubt a premier military base being constructed, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what the American involvement in the building of this base means.  We, and our friends on the net have been saying for quite some time that there is a coming war with Iran, even and in fact, that it has already begun.  There is going to be American/Israeli military actions against Syria as well.  Also, as discussed earlier, given the increasing American Military activity in the Gulf region as a whole, soon Israel will need some significant protection against the advances of its neighbors in light of these actions.  This base is going to serve as the primary location from which America, along with Israel and the "coalition of the willing" will both launch its operations against Iran and Syria, and simultaneously defend Israel's homeland. In the photo here, high voltage wiring running to this tower make clear that it is not a water tower.



    Once again the signs continue to pour in for the American Christian to see, that America has stepped on to the Prophetic world stage in grandiose fashion.  Pre-positioning its forces in the land of Israel, and smack dab in the middle of the kings of the North and the South in ancient Babylon, America has undeniably proven its scriptural identity over and over.  As we said in the last Blog, I hope American Christians are not just changing the channel! (or clicking the "back" button!)  I believe that in the coming months as the existence of this base becomes publicized, we will see all kinds of dancing and dodging, when the world asks for an explanation.  We will be shown some skilful lies and diversions.  We will probably even be shown pictures of some of the disengagement protestors being brought to this facility.  Who knows though, they may come right out and say Israel has every right to build as many bases on it's land as it sees fit to build, and that its none of anyone's business.  Given that there is American involvement, I highly doubt that there is going to be any straight forward talk about the facility at all.  With the Mediterranean Sea as it's backdrop, and Israel stretched out before it, this base brings into view another prophetic utterance, in ominous and surreal fashion...

Daniel 11: 45 áAnd he shall pitch the tents of his royal pavilion between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

    We will keep you posted on any News we hear about this facility, and will hope that American Christians will soon awaken to the realities that are developing in the middle east, and the gulf region today.  That they may awaken to the reality, that their country is just another kingdom of this world, motivated by Money, Power, and most recently to establish its New World Order.  As Doug Krieger over at The Tribulation Network recently said...  "Get ready for war with Iran"


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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