ARTICLE 6   (August 9, 2005)



   This was going to be a "Signs of the Times Chronicle", but I decided to make it both an Article and a Chronicle..

    We have all seen the head page at CNN.  It is the cornerstone for internet News, and people from countries all over the world head there on a regular basis to see what is going on in the world.  What I wish to talk about right now is the upper right hand corner of the front page pictured here, which usually features the top 10 stories of the hour, and CNN's brilliant use of this section today.  

    The contents of the Articles this morning at approximately 6am Eastern Standard time, (which figures to about 2:30pm Tehran time), CNN's top ten Stories included the following...

    These were among the featured stories on CNN in the early hours in America, and I might add the Prime of the day in Tehran.  Every Political Somebody in every country of the world with an internet connection undoubtedly spends time on CNN's font page, watching the American propaganda machine churn out it's "spin" to the world.  The leaders of the World know and understand the message that America was sending at the broad middle of the day in Tehran.  Please allow me to explain what that message to the Iranian elite and the rulers of Iran was this morning, by pointing out what these articles had to say...



    In this article CNN describes how reasonable the "EU 3's" (Brittan, France, Germany), deal is for Iran, and goes on to cast Iran as a "apparently defiant for no  good reason" state, seemingly hell-bent on going ahead with its nuclear enrichment program.  Included in the Article are the telltale signs that Iran is walking in the footsteps of doom... namely Iraq's, signified by the following statements...

Iran had already declared that any European proposal should include the country's right to enrich uranium, but the proposal did not include that issue, Asefi told IRNA.

The U.S. State Department had called on Iran to accept the offer.

The United States has no diplomatic ties with Iran, which President Bush once branded part of an "axis of evil."  U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns said Friday the EU-3 gave a copy of the 30-page offer to the Bush administration and briefed administration officials.

And the big daddy of them all...

He repeated the administration's threat that if Tehran breaks its nuclear agreements to resume uranium conversion, the United States and European Union may refer the case to the U.N. Security Council.

    The barely disguisable warning America made to Iraq, that if Iran doesn't publicly and internationally declare that they have no intention, nor will they EVER produce nuclear weapons, (which they will never say), The inevitable result will be a full scale invasion by American forces.  I think they also make it clear here that nuclear weapons will definitely be on the table, since it is a well known fact that America is not going to be able to occupy Iran as it does Iraq today.  But don't worry, I have a lot more support for receiving this message from today's headlines on CNN, posted at Iranian Midday News time...



    This one was almost shameless. but I'll go over it anyway. CNN is appearing to be sympathetic to the cities of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, by calling the fallout "horrific" and by seeming to augment the lamentation of these people.  Yet in context with the other "featured" headlines it is clear that that was not the message they were sending.  

    A shameless declaration to the people of the world that "we did it before" is shrouded in a seemingly sympathetic piece on past tragedy and pain caused by nuclear attacks?  In light of the other "messages" in their headlines along side this one, it seems the answer is a resounding YES...

On the eve of the anniversary Tuesday of Nagasaki's devastation 60 years ago by the "Fat Man" atomic bomb, a steady stream of tourists flowed past the horrific exhibits at the city's memorial museum.

    This piece of the Propaganda puzzle lays out clearly the death toll, the terrifying results of an atomic blast, what it did to land, property, and even people living many miles from the blast sites, giving the Iranian public at 2:30 in the afternoon "something to think about"...

Three days after the Enola Gay dropped the "Little Boy" bomb on Hiroshima, killing at least 140,000 in the world's first atomic bomb attack, another bomber, Bock's Car, took off to deliver the second A-bomb.

Roughly 80,000 people were killed by the blast or by related injuries or diseases in the months after.

"It's just mind-boggling that a single bomb could wipe out this city," tourist Naoto Otake said as he stood before a full-scale model of Fat Man at the museum. The bomb stood 3.25 meters (about 10 feet) tall, and weighed 4.5 tons.

    Then the customary pat on Americas back for a job well done...

Today, Nagasaki, which has a population of about 420,000, has instead become a popular tourist destination, known for its Chinatown, one of the largest in Japan, and its vaguely European flair.

    This article was a brilliantly placed piece of Propaganda work, designed to do exactly as I said, give the Iranians something to think about, by a News Depot clearly in absolute service to it's country's political designs.  Let's continue with the proof of "Today's Message"...



    Again, a Brilliantly constructed piece to give the impression of saluting one of America's "great war heroes".  Again however, CNN very effectively causes the bell to toll for the Iranian people and leadership that browse to its site.  Giving a "light" little piece on how "spunky" this 90 year old vet is, by pointing out that he wanted to "jump in" the newly displayed replica of the Enola Gay, (the plane he flew to drop the Atomic bomb), "and fly it".  Here is a good guy, (head held high) that probably served his country faithfully, as most soldiers do, being used for the propaganda machine.  The message I am pointing out in the top featured Articles at this time on CNN continues...

On the ground, tens of thousands were killed in an instant, and many more died from lingering effects.

Japan surrendered on August 15, 1945, ending World War II.

    CNN's web site and News machine is run by some of the most brilliant minds in media, and there is NO WAY that these coincidences are not both planned, and orchestrated by a very seasoned presenter of American Policy world wide.  They even make futile attempts to justify the actions of the Neo-Hawks...

"We had feelings, but we had to put them in the background. We knew it was going to kill people right and left. But my one driving interest was to do the best job I could, so that we could end the killing as quickly as possible."

    Yeah right, killing is definitely the best way to stop killing. Maybe in the Kingdoms of this world that is the case, how about the kingdom of God?  I don't think so.  This is the twisted mentality of these folks, indoctrinate your Military men to believe that Killing is "a good tool" with which to solve the world's problems.  Well, something more for Iran to think about, "this is the way they think".



    A partial re-run of the "Iran Rejects" article, this one continues to cast the Iranian's unreasonable behavior surrounding this squabble. It also goes on to point out that the whole world agrees with American policy on this item.  However, this Article allows the Iranians one punch in the proverbial melee...

Naseri, speaking in Vienna, scoffed at the U.S. insistence that Iran should not have nuclear weapons.

"The United States is the sole nuclear weapons state which had the guts to drop the bomb and kill and maim and turn into ashes millions in a split second," he said, referring the atomic bombs that destroyed two cities in Japan and helped end World War II 60 years ago this month. (Full story) <-- (another link to a full reminder of the Nagasaki tragedy)

"The United States is in no position whatsoever to tell anyone or preach what they should or should not do with their nuclear program."

    The link to the Nagasaki article here actually points to a different Nagasaki article.  The new Article still describes the damage and devastation that makes Americans feel so warm and cozy about their military might, but the "message" continues in the TITLE of this other Nagasaki article...

NAGASAKI, Japan (AP) -- The second -- and, so far, last -- city ever attacked by an atomic bomb marked the 60th anniversary of its devastation Tuesday with a Catholic Mass, a moment of silence and an angry plea for a global ban on nuclear arms.

    Don't tell me they aren't constructing a very clear and powerfully subtle, (is that an oxymoron?), message to the Iranian public in these "featured articles". Notice how the "AND, SO FAR" is so effectively augmented?  The directors of News Outlets like CNN don't just look at random articles, and post them.  They look at the "big picture"!  Themes are to be developed, storylines are to be followed, and CNN is no exception to this rule.  Anyone who does not see this certainly doesn't have a clue of the overall professionalism of these Men and Women. Second only to politicians are these Newsmen, in their "accidental" magnanimity!  Let's look at the last two "features" on this list of headlines...



  In true form, CNN here takes a break, and swings over to Venezuela, to point out the raging anti-American sentiment beginning to boil in the region.  We are pretty sure this is a trip that will be made at every opportunity by CNN, knowing that this is yet another very rich oil country, with an "American hating" leader.  This article goes more toward the "Babe Ruth pointing out to left field" notion, and for me gives clear signification that Venezuela assumes it is on the Pentagon's radar screen.  I doubt they are unreasonable in this assumption.

    This article is really nothing more than a plug-in for the overall propaganda campaign that CNN actively participates in for the policies of the American government.  A service it seems CNN is now dedicated to on a full time scale.  By pointing out the "Cuba" issue, Chavez here gives obvious reason why he assumes an eventual attack from America is on the horizon.  He is also doing the same "talk tough" banter that Saddam Hussein, The Iranians, and every other country that America has and will crush under its feet in the last 50 years, and the coming 5 has and will.  We pray that he never has to become CNN's next "fool in the eyes of the world", like "Baghdad Bob".



    This was the most amusing of the "featured items" on CNN's propaganda platter this morning, (for me anyway).  It is obviously a news worthy piece, and I don't see anything in the fact that they featured it, except one small little item...

    We have pointed out that to the lost, darkened people of the world, all these "deeper" sins found in the killing of mass millions, and the wrongful overthrow of uncooperative governments, and the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians is barely noticed.  They can be lost in the fog of "the greater good" and in the "ends justify the means" mentality of the lost.  For some reason the only sin they see is sexual sin, and it is the only one they show any kind of a righteous indignation to.  This article is a reflection of that darkened and shallow "form of godliness" that now runs rampant in the American Christian Church, as well as with the religious politicos now executing their "godly mission" in the middle east.

    Basically the implication is that this commander got "busted" because of some "sexual indiscretion" that he has allegedly committed.  The message?  The message here is that the American Military is of course an upright, and god-fearing entity who can not "fellowship with darkness", and allow its members to "do anything wrong".  Here the American military is presented yet again, as a body that always does the right thing.  This one will surely make the religious right, who basically sold their souls to the next four years of American military activity, when they gave the "moral support" to George Bush for another term real happy!



    The propaganda platter of the early American hours, but prime midday Iran time August 9th, 2005 CNN news rings some harsh and telling bells for this writer.  It gives clear signification of what we have already been saying here at 11th Hour and once again JUMPS OUT OFF OF THE PAGE, to the eye that is open to see the truth unfolding in the world today.  What is that truth? Here's my little "Proverb" about truth...

The truth is a spirit, ever feeding the Heart of a man who's eyes are open to it's words, but to him who turns away when it is unpleasing to him, Truth will become a stranger near impossible to find!  

    That truth is that the Iranian Government is going to do one of two things in the next 12 months, and that is; 

  1. They will either commit national suicide and begin to enrich uranium and scramble to get a nuclear deterrent... 

  2. Or they will submit to the "Willful King" and become a cog in the middle eastern wheel, which now turns toward Western domination by the returned Willful King.

    The choice will continue to be laid out for the Iranian government, by way of a brilliantly constructed series of messages portrayed by CNN and others, and believe me, they get it!  Don't think that this message isn't getting through over there either, they aren't the cavemen that the west casts them to be; there are 4.3 million internet users in the country of Iran.

    We have drawn out our "take" on this scenario that is playing out on the middle eastern stage right now in our next feature The Gog Magog War - America's Place In Scripture.  An Article to be released this week.  STAY TUNED!!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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