The news from the north and the east?    (From CNN)  Russia and China launched unprecedented joint military exercises Thursday involving air, sea and land forces as the top commanders from both countries repeatedly insisted the war games weren't meant to intimidate anyone.

    For those who have been doubting our speculations and our scenarios, including the one drawn out in our recently posted article; The Gog Magog War - America's Place In Scripture, here is a nice little "in your face" slice of reality that we believe will one day prove to be "The news from the North and the East"!

    In the true form of international denial and stonewalling that all governments exercise when they are doing the obvious, the Chinese and Russian governments attempt to shade the fact that this is a literal panic created by the knowledge that the American New World Order is nothing to shake a Tomahawk at.  Two major world powers with "something to lose" are beginning to make the world know that they get the message.  Will it be too little too late?  While both Russian and Chinese military leaders claim that their exercises do not threaten any country, what you are seeing here is a very definite attempt to prepare to respond to the American conquest of the middle east, and its intended eventual purpose of dominating the globe.

The Tu-22 long range Soviet bomber.    You don't think so?  Then explain the involvement of long range bombers in this exercise.  Military exercises that are limited in scope and area, and have no need to show or imply far reaching destructive power, or "threaten any other country", have no need for The Tu-95, and Tu-22 long range Russian Bombers to be present.  These aircraft are for continental, or global conflict.  They are of no use at all in a small scale operation that is designed to show that a couple of countries are friendly.


The Tu-95 lomg range Soviet bomber.    As we have been pointing out, The willful king has returned to the middle east and has taken up his expansion, and to say its "not like the former" is an understatement!  Don't think that Russia or China are not well aware of what is happening right in front of their eyes and right under their noses, because they have both made attempts at the same types of conquests in the past.  China has made no secret of its intentions to expand and modernize its military, and analysts have been saying for months it is just a matter of time before China serves Taiwan ultimatums concerning rejoining the Republic. America has made it clear that it will support Taiwan in its desire to remain an independent democratic country.  The world will watch, as the communist nation tests their military prowess against an American supported target.

    China's low tech nuclear capability, and its lack of any real carrier presence in its fleet, (1 carrier to be deployed this year and another in 2009), make it not much of a real threat to a country like the US, who could engage any country on the globe with a single battle group. (of which we have 7). Even joined together with the Russian military, the outcome of such a war would be fairly predictable, since it would not be a ground battle.  In a ground battle, America would have a very difficult time disposing of either the Russian or the Chinese militaries, but while the Russians and the Chinese slept, and have been fighting the domestic economic battles of the last 40 years, America became a technological giant with such a superior air to ground capability, that even the massive force makeup of both of those armies would meet with a frustrating defeat in any altercation with America.  This activity however, is a clear message from these nations that when push comes to shove, the news from the North and the east will surely come!

The Chinese military might is mostly ground based.    According to CNN's article, both China and Russia are part of what is called "The Shanghai Cooperation Organization", which includes the former soviet republics of central Asia, and most tellingly "this year took on Iran, India, and Pakistan as observers".  The Russians are no fools, and they aren't missing the opportunity that the American expansion in the middle east is presenting to sell its military wares to these compromised nations.  Who knows, they may even make enough to update their own seriously outdated apparatus!



Who could orget ths massive arsenal of soviet military power?  Does it still work??    History does not tell of a friendly relationship between the Russians and the Chinese.  These exercises, which are being named "Peace Mission 2005", are supposedly a showing of warming relations between the two countries, "on many levels".  What is more than abundantly clear in the context of world affairs right now, is that this is exactly what the Soviets and the Chinese are saying it is not.  It is a "word to the wise" as it were to the American Military, the Pentagon, and the White House, that if the current activity continues, at some point it is going to meet with a full scale opposition from these 2 nations.  China has complained more than once about the expanding American base presence in southeast Asia, and the Russians have on more than one occasion commented about the expired need for American bases in the trans caucus mountain states.  Uzbekistan has recently asked America to remove its military force presence from its land, and Azerbaijan has okayed the building of an American base on its south eastern border near the Caspian sea.

    As we have already pointed out, the American plan is clear to every nation on earth except the American public, who remains bamboozled into thinking we are engaged in nothing other than a "War against evil".  Why does the average American not realize that the world domination plan now being carried out by the current Administration will inevitably lead to a global war? Why is everyone seemingly ignorant that the closed bases here in the states result in opened bases around the globe? What will the current Administration do when faced with ultimatums from China and Russia concerning the coming overthrow of the governments in Syria and Iran?  It will ignore them, and the Russians, and the Chinese will do exactly what Russia did in the Cuban Missile crisis, they will balk for a time.  Syria will cease to exist, and Iran will suffer a quick and decisive surrender to the American Military, or face total destruction.  Eventually a real threat will be seen coming from China, Russia, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and that threat will be met with the most massive response the world has ever seen.  All within the next three years?  Lord God, I hope not...

The Shangdong Penninsula    Every nation on the planet is well aware of what is transpiring on the world stage.  Venezuela, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, and many other nations have commented publicly on the possibility of American invasion.  With defiance set to encourage their people that they are safe, and that they are capable of defending their land from such an Invasion, like the leaders of Iraq before them, they proclaim in vain.  Could these Chinese and Russian exercises being performed on the Shandong peninsula be no more than the same?  In any event, China and Russia have made a statement to the Western powers, and the Western powers will be watching with great interest as the China/Russian led Shanghai Cooperation Organization flexes its military muscle on the coast of China...

The new commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Adm. Gary Roughead, said in an interview that the United States was "very interested" in the Chinese-Russian exercises.

"We're very interested in the exercise, we're interested in the types of things that they'll do," Roughead told The Associated Press on Wednesday in Hawaii. "We're interested in the complexity and the types of systems that they bring to bear."

    If the Chinese and Russian military are going to flex their muscles, they had better send a real message.  They know America will be watching, and they know that the message had better be impressive.  We will watch with great interest, as the News from the North and the East prepares to sound!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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