Well, Israel served walking papers to the settlers in Katif, and the work was done in historically fast, and efficient fashion.  In fact, with little or no bloodshed.  Israel is making a historic move toward peace!!

    Meanwhile back on the Palestinian front, the PLO, Hamas, and the terror factions of Palestine begin to lay down their weapons, and realize that the day that has been longed for for centuries has come!  America and the other members of the Quartet have done the impossible!  They have provided a platform for peace in the middle east!  They have helped Palestine achieve what was impossible for it to achieve on its own, and have provided it with the opportunity that even Egypt, it's so called friend and helper could not and would not do.  It has given it a chance to exist in peace as a sovereign nation!

    Can you imagine the thankfulness of the Palestinians!  Can you imagine the tearful joy of thankfulness, and jubilee that is going on in Palestine right now??  Can you even imagine them making a public statement that they will have peace with Israel....

    NOT!  Let's take a look at the Palestinian response to the disengagement, and how well that act is going to move peace forward.  The picture above says "Israel will cease to exist".  Maybe they haven't heard yet of the bold move toward progress that Israel has made on their behalf?  No, that isn't the case either.  In fact, Hamas' leadership is now proclaiming that the pullout is a victory for itself, and that its terror attacks of the past have brought about this great victory.  Some of the pictures in this Chronicle are pictures of Posters that Hamas is hanging up in the area of the disengagement, and all around Palestinian territory today.

    It seems inconceivable that this would be the response out of Palestine, for what has just occurred in the middle east.  But it really isn't at all, in fact I am not surprised by this response one bit, and I submit to you:  Neither is Mr. Sharon!  This one says "You will never return. We will drive you out of the belly of the earth and you will disappear from the surface of the earth.”  It doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to see what is developing in the middle east today, and especially for those who watch with an objective, and honest view of the world today.  I will explain here, why I believe that the Palestinian view of what the Disengagement is... is wrong, DEAD wrong.

    In an attempt to reason with Sharon about the disengagement, the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, came to Jerusalem and pleaded with Sharon to reconsider his plan to retreat from Katif.  (Quoting "The Israeli Insider") "Sharon's response to him was "This is what the US state Dept. is demanding I do, and I must do it."  No agreement to make this a move of peace was ever entered between Palestine and Israel.  One was never even entertained.  Sharon is, and was, obeying the one who promised to "protect his interests in the region", and it is as simple as that.  America has a clear belief that once Palestine sees the reward of becoming a sovereign state, that they will somehow become a civilized nation who will "become a nation that will recognize freedom, and become a productive member of the international community."

    I think Sharon is no fool, and I believe that part of guaranteeing Israel's interests in the region HAD TO have included, that if Palestine did not see the road to peace in the moves that America is forcing Israel to make at this time, that America would have to admit that Palestine will never choose peace, and support Israel's "right to protect itself".   Here in this picture Hamas quotes the Qur'an"  "Surah 54, verse 45 of the Qur'an: “Soon will their multitude be put to flight, and they will show their backs. Oh, Sharon , we are victorious.”  So we can see that whatever the world thought the disengagement was going to accomplish for Israeli / Palestinian relations, they were predictably mistaken.  The founding principle of the Palestinian people is apparently the destruction of the Jews and the nation of Israel, and no attempts to correct that made in the international community are going to meet with any success.

    What has really amazed me in this whole situation is that all along Israel has had the military capability to completely destroy the Palestinian state altogether, and the Palestinians seem completely ignorant of this reality.  I often wondered why they don't see an obviously superior military giant, (comparatively speaking), stand by and continue to "take it on the chin" from them over and over again?  One has to believe that at some point, any nation would say enough is enough, and take action against an attacking enemy.  When someone declares war on your country and is killing your people, (in the minds, and in the thinking of this present evil world), you don't just stand by and do nothing.  In this awareness of how the kingdoms of this world think, we at 11th Hour can see a slightly different picture of the "Road Map" ahead than most people are probably thinking.

    Let's take a look at the last couple of years, and the time surrounding Arafat's death, the world's hope for peace, and the coming conflict we have laid out in the Article The Gog Magog War - America's Place In Scripture!  When Arafat died, the whole world made mention of the possibility of peace that his death represented, and many a nation has made efforts to bring about that peace.  Is it possible that the world still doesn't see the reality that Palestine does not want peace with Israel?  This picture here is another poster that we hear is being hung up around the area of the disengagement.  It says: “You refused to leave while you were still alive…we drove you out as corpses.”  I know a lot of folks reading this website have heard me grind on American policy, it's hypocrisy, lies, deceit, and power motivated insanities, but let me say that that certainly doesn't mean we excuse the way these equally as insane people are acting.  The Palestinian response to the disengagement is yet another in a long series of "Suicide Bombs".



    One may wonder why I have called this a suicide bomb.  Over the last couple of years, I couldn't really put my finger on why Israel would release literally thousands of Palestinian militants from its prisons.  (Prisoners that have killed scores, and in some cases hundreds of Israeli citizens by the way).  It just doesn't make sense!  It actually looks like a CHRISTIAN move on the front...  I mean even after they released hundreds of these men, it was obvious that they were not going to stop the killing, so why would they continue to release them??  I'm thinking Yeesh, what are these guys, dumb?  But when taken in context with the big picture, and when taken in context with some other small grains of truth, it begins to have a bit of reality woven into it.  Take a look at some of the things we have discussed...

  1. Israel begins to release thousands of Palestinian prisoners over the course of about a year and a half, and in spite of this, Palestinian attacks on Israel continue.

  2. Israel decides to pull the settlements, again in spite of the fact that it does absolutely nothing for peace.

  3. After the death of Arafat, Israel makes more moves toward peace with Palestine than it has since it was reborn as a nation.

  4. America promises that Israel's concerns in the region will be protected, and so Sharon goes ahead with the disengagement, the most unpopular decision he has ever made during his administration.

    So what is the missing piece?  Why doesn't this all ring a bell?  What is being said here, what is being done?  In order to be slapped across the face with the truth on this one, I had to poke around in the Old Testament for a while, with absolutely no idea of what I was looking for, until I started reading the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah, The story of Lot, and how God took him out of the city before he destroyed it.  Deep in the heritage of Israel are the actions of God in his dealings with men.  Even those in Israel who are not deeply religious are well aware of the history of the Old Testament scripture.  What am I saying?  I am saying a few things I have said in this Chronicle, only together in one thought...

  1. I don't believe that Sharon is surprised at the Palestinian response to the pullout.  And I believe he will have the opportunity to say "I told you so" to America and the other members of the "Quartet"

  2. America's promise to "protect Israel's concerns" in the region for obeying the roadmap HAD TO have included an agreement to support Israel's right to defend itself when it is proven that no peace will be had.

  3. Israel has for some two years now released a steady stream of Palestinian militants, some of whom were sentenced to life in Israeli prisons, knowing that no peace would result.

  4. Now Israel takes it's citizens out of one of the prime areas where Israelis and Palestinians are mingled together, knowing full well again, that no peace would be the result?

    If anyone can see what I am driving at could you please raise your hand?  What I am saying stems from a statement W. C. Kisiel made one night when we were fellowshipping at our Thursday night Bible Study.  "You can not kill the Palestinians if your own people are mixed in with them."  To which I said, "That sure would explain the mentality behind releasing all those militants they have been releasing for no apparent reason too."  When one considers the situation over there, it makes a whole heap of sense to speculate that there is a real possibility that actions are being taken now by the Israeli government, that could very well be preparing for the military option that will be on the table for Israel in the very near future.  Given the mayhem that will most likely break out when American forces are fully engaged with both Syria and Iran, which is a heck of a lot closer than most people think, it wouldn't be a big surprise to realize that Israel pulled its people out of those areas, in order to save their lives from the inevitable destruction that may fall on Palestine very very soon.

    Yes I think the Hamas response to the disengagement, is just one in a long series of national suicide bombings that the Palestinians have committed, only this one it has committed on itself!  I think the proof of that reality is just over the horizon!  Will a day come soon when Israel will release ALL of the prisoners?  STAY TUNED!!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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