The New World order includes a Police state.    I recently received an email that sounded a pile of alarms in my heart, and reminded me that here is a program being carried out in the world that even though I have known for quite some time, still astounds me every time the signs manifest themselves!  It is information that only the aware and informed will gather, and only those who are willing to believe the truth will admit to.  This email came from a network friend named Brian from the Washington state area, regarding the "State of Emergency" that 15 states he knew of were currently under.

    Here is a list of those states, and the reasons that those states Brian listed are under a state of emergency...

  1. New Mexico - Border violence, the presence of militaristic gangs, Human trafficking, and Drug trafficking. (August 12th)

  2. Arizona - Border violence, the presence of militaristic gangs, Human trafficking, and Drug trafficking. (August 14th).

  3. Louisiana - The result of Hurricane Katrina, Looting, violence, and safety concerns (August 28th)

  4. Mississippi - Katrina, along with Louisiana (August 28th)

  5. Alabama - Katrina, along with Louisiana and Mississippi. (August 28th)

  6. Arkansas - A combination of the fallout of Katrina, and the same violence and issues that put New Mexico and Arizona on. (Sept. 2nd)

  7. Texas - Same day as Arkansas, for the same reasons. (Sept. 2nd)

    8 States were added to the list on (Sept 5th) by George Bush, who said that placing them under a State of Emergency allows them to receive Federal funds.  The following are those states...  Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, North Carolina, Utah, and Colorado.   Finally, the State of California is also considering the move to a state of emergency, for the same reasons as Arizona, and New Mexico, (border and violence concerns), and Virginia is also arguing this out as we speak.  

    I have done some research this morning, and In addition to the States that Brian mentioned in his email, the following states were also placed on State of Emergency status by the President yesterday, (Sept 10th) Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota, Indiana, South Carolina, Kansas (and Alabama  already mentioned).  I am currently working to verify, but I am pretty sure that the states that suffered the blackout that hit the Northeast in August of 2003 are also still under a State of Emergency, which include New York, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont (and Iowa already mentioned).  North Carolina declared a state of emergency today.

    Maryland and Washington DC never left a State of Emergency after 9-11, believe me I just came through there on my way back from Florida, and I saw no less than 5 large military copters cruising the area, and I was just driving the highway! One of those ships was a fully outfitted Apache Gunship. There can be no question about the refortification efforts that have transpired since 9-11 in DC. 

    This would bring the total number of states including the capitol, if Virginia and California follow suit, now under a State of Emergency to an astounding 32!! You heard me right! 32!!  Even if you subtract the Blackout states which I do think are still under, that's 26 states.  You might be thinking: "Well that's only half of the union, they have a long way to go." That is not entirely true.  The total population for the states listed in this Article is 237.8 million of the 290 million US residence. That places 81% of the American population (provided that California and Virginia come on board), In a position to be submitting to Martial Authority in the coming years. 

    This is an astounding development on the landscape of the American future!  I don't think the fact that these states are all under a state of emergency simultaneously is the only story to be followed closely however.  The story to be followed with great interest here is how difficult it will be for those states to get themselves removed from it.  The state of Martial Law declared in 1941 due to WW2 did not end until 1953, even though the War ended in 1945.

    Boy, there really are some shrewd and ingenious people in the George W. Bush administration!  While there are so many items occupying the American consciousness,  just barely behind the scenes but yet right under our noses, the foundations and controls are being set in place to place the entire union under martial law in a heartbeat. America is bracing for something, and I'm sure our readers know what that is... War with Iran and Syria, and the possible following actions that could be taken by the Russian and Chinese governments now performing joint Military exercises on the eastern coast of China. I.E. The Gog Magog War! 

(see the Signs Of The Times Chronicle on the Russia/China exercises.)

(See the Gog Magog War Article for info on the coming war.)



    A "State of Emergency" is defined as follows...

    A state of emergency is a governmental declaration that may suspend certain normal functions of government, may work to alert citizens to alter their normal behaviors, or may order government agencies to implement emergency preparedness plans. It can also be used as a rationale for suspending civil liberties. Such declarations usually come during a time of natural disaster, during periods of civil unrest, or following a declaration of war (therefore, in democratic countries many call this martial law, most with non critical intent).

    In some countries, the state of emergency and its effects on civil liberties and governmental procedure are regulated by the constitution or a law that limits the powers that may be invoked during an emergency or rights suspended.  It is also frequently illegal to modify the emergency law or Constitution during the emergency.


Lock up of freedom: coming to a police state near you!



  The benefit a government receives from a State of Emergency, or "Martial Law" as we know it, is that the Military has full power over all area of life, including setting prices on necessities, police work, justice administration, property, vehicles, food, fuel, and anything else the military deems necessary.  During a state of Martial law, as we have heard of the Patriot acts 1 and 2, the military can apprehend and detain whomever it so chooses with or without explanation, and for indefinite periods of time.  The death penalty can be administered even for crimes that do not normally warrant such an action under normal conditions.  Curfews, rations of food and fuels, strategically controlled medical care, (first preference naturally must be given to the military people during a time of Martial Law), and basically every aspect of what Americans know as "civil liberties" are suspended during this time.


    Strong lessons can be learned from the mistake of going under Martial Law when under militant leadership. Once under this state of being, getting out of this state of being is the real problem...

  • Egypt has been under Martial law since 1967

  • Syria has been under a state of Martial Law since 1963

  • Iraq was under Martial Law since 1979

  • Iran has been under Martial Law conditions since The overthrow of Mosadegh in 1953.

    I know this seems a bit alarmist to some, but in order to successfully execute a declaration of Martial Law in this country, this government would need to establish an ACTIVE military and FEMA footprint in every heavily populated state in order to avoid complete breakdown in those states in the wake of the declaration of an unwelcome World War by the government.  The military has been practicing alerts in American cities for decades for just such a situation, and they are ready for coming events.



    But let's face it, none of this should come as a surprise.  The lessons learned during the declaration of Martial Law from 1941 to 1953 during WW2, seem to be in full consideration and measures are being taken to avoid repeating those mistakes. We have discussed in pretty full detail what is happening on the World scene, and that we are going to War with Iran, and as a result Syria, should be no surprise to the readers of this web site, as well as the web sites of our friends at The Tribulation Network, and the USA in Bible Prophecy.  

    When the War is official and breaks out heavy, there will definitely be a declared state of Martial Law in this country, and I am saying it will last well beyond 2008. You can make your own deductions about what that will mean for the 2008 elections.  The need for the declaration will come upon the heels of the "suspicious" activity surrounding Russia, and China, as well as the overall threat to "Homeland Security" during such a struggle.

    Look Brothers and Sisters, anyone who is willing to look can see that America is doing the same posturing, propagandizing, and military air-boxing in Iranian airspace as it did before it's invasion of Iraq.  There can be no question that this War is about to get under way, and those of us who know the Word can take comfort in the fact that this is all according to God's plan.  

    Iran has made a commitment to join a new "Bourse" or Stock exchange in 2006, that will trade in "petroeuros" instead of "petrodollars".  There really is no other choice in the minds of those who run our government as a solution to this other than a resource war.  It doesn't matter if they make it about WMD, or Nuclear weapons or even about an "axis of evil" in the media, the reason is the same as Iraq.  Saddam Hussein put Iraq on the Euro, and we invaded the country. Iran is about to do the same thing and you will see that we will invade Iran also, unless they do an about face. Whether it is by pushing Israel in there first, and then jumping in full steam, or just out and out invading on our own.  The military base in Israel from which these operations will be coordinated is complete, and we see no reason why this War is not fourth coming at this time.  Any time now. 

    All this article discusses is the home front preparations that are being made for what we have already clearly said is coming.  The astounding realities that are unfolding around us are a call to faithfulness and trust in our Lord.  We will have only one refuge in the coming years, and if all this we have been discussing on this site is the fulfillment of these scriptures, what we have to look forward to is a face to face meeting with the Lord Jesus Christ!  He is coming to judge the nations, and soon those who lay a claim to the faith are going to have to "put up, or shut up", and it seems a vast majority of the American Christian population will choose to shut up.  I hope I am wrong, and I pray for us, and for our readers, that we will all have the strength to endure and continue to speak the truth in times such as these!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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