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The New World order includes a Police state.

    As amazing as this will sound, it seems important to put into perspective what transpired after I wrote this original Chronicle!  After the posting of this one, an additional 10 states were also placed under a state of emergency!  That is a total of 42 states Brothers and Sisters.  Again, as I had said before, since they neglected the least populous states, this comprises well over 94% of the population of the United States under a "state of emergency", which as we noted in the original chronicle, invokes all of the same powers for the government as Martial Law, only without the Military connotation!

    I know there were those back when I posted this article that were calling me ridiculous and alarmist.  There were even folks in our own small group of networked friends that told me I was a bit overboard on this one, but once it escalated to into the 40s, I think most people understood that placing IDAHO?? under a state of emergency due to floods in the gulf states was a bit over the top!  Massachusetts?? Maine??  come on guys, let's get real here.

    Most reasonable folks who have 'had enough' so to speak, can now see that there was an opportunity here and it was definitely seized upon!

    We will be keeping an eye on this story, and we will be watching for the announcements, (which still have not come) that these states are no longer under the S.O.E., so we can... We can what?  Breath a sigh of relief?  No I don't think so.  The Police State is so intact right now, and it is literally right under our noses.  Remember all of those "conspiracy Theorists" that we thought were SO wacko for thinking this "Orwellian",  "Big Brother" type 1984 stuff was just ridiculous?  Well let me ask you these hypothetical questions, just to jog your imagination, and maybe even your ability to look ahead and see the potential now looming large ahead on the road before us...

  1. Let's say that rfid chip technology for instance became an every day. trusted and run of the mill form of identification, oh let's say even to the point that folks began to use them to pay for their gas or as a way to pass through government "check points" or toll booths with.

  2. Let's say that due to security breeches all over American Banks, Credit Card companies, even the US military's records were being compromised on a regular basis, and since people lived in fear of their identities and their money being stolen, they decided they needed a way to absolutely identify themselves for EVERY transaction they do.

  3. Let's say that even your passport had to contain one of these chips, again, so that you were undeniably secure, and they you had these chips to thank for that.

  4. What if they took it one step further, and let's say they started to experiment with actually implanting these chips in our pets, in order to take advantage of the GPS capability to find our pet if it was lost?  What if this same benefit could be utilized to stop the newest revolution in crime... Child kidnapping and murder by simply implanting one of these in our kids?

  5. What if after 10 years had passed, the population voted and decided that these chips, being the most secure form of ID and transaction processing became the standard for all people, replacing currency, cards of all types, and let's say that without one of these you could not buy products, and you couldn't even sell items?



    These things seem far fetched don't they?  I mean the government simply would not engage in a campaign of instilling fear in its people in order to make "tagging" them seem useful and necessary... would they??  The government wouldn't seize on the opportunity presented by a natural disaster to strip 42 states of the union of their internal sovereignty for the purpose of eventually subjugating them to a dictatorial decade of tyrannical hegemony?  We believe that Russia, who so many have erroneously assigned the title of GOG, could do such a thing, or perhaps Iran, or Iraq, Venezuela, Germany, France, but come on, certainly not the good old US of A!  I contend that we are about to embark on a phenomenon of even greater tragic and unbelievable governmental insanity than that witnessed in the days of the Third Reich.

    I know that is not the kind of thing American Christians want to hear but sadly, the truth is inescapable these days, as the realities of what is taking place unfortunately take too long to be seen and even longer to be acted upon.  Things are being capitalized upon by our government in some really unbelievable ways, and its astounding how completely unaware or perhaps even in denial of them people can be. 

    Now I don't want to do exactly what so many of my detractors have accused me of, and judge people, but sometimes their denials, and the excuses and justifications they give for the current atrocity called the "War on Terror" being executed on the middle east from Iraq, and the looks on their faces and in their eyes while they try and sell them make me feel like I am talking to someone who knows full well they are lying to me.  They look at me with an angry look in their eyes as we talk, but I can tell that the anger is based not really on the fact that they don't believe or know what I am saying, but it seems that they are mostly upset that I won't let them lean on those cop outs, and I won't allow them to deceive themselves.  I can tell they are really angry and mostly upset that I won't just "play along".  Think about that for a minute...  They are mad that I won't let them "make it all seem ok", even if that means that we both have to stand there and agree to say, and believe, (or pretend we believe) LIES. 

    Well I don't mind saying that that kind of stinks!  Come on Brothers and Sisters, especially you Christians I have spoken with... let's at least be honest about it for crying out loud!  I have had 3 or 4 people say to me "Ah, just nuke them all!" and you know what?  That was more honest than I have seen MOST bible believing, Christ claiming, fellowship attending Christians I have spoken with on the subject of the war.  We opened this web site for the purpose of standing for the truths of the gospel, and NONE of those truths are evident in the current Administration's foreign policies, or in the concepts upon which they base the reasoning for them. 

    However, I did not expect to run into the wall I ran into.  I did expect to find greedy fascists, who's love for their money, and who's patriotism far outweighed their value of human lives, (in other countries).  I expected to find people angry at my insistence that these things are not right. I even expected some friendships to end over those disagreements.  I expected to find angry, sarcastic, tongue lashers that would call me names, condemn me, and write me off as less than a human, and deserving of death.  I expected to hear the words, "you are lost", or "you are out there pal", or "you might as well just leave the country", or even "You might as well shoot yourself if you don't agree with America on these things!" I really expected to hear those words, and find people so filled with hatred and revenge due to the attacks of 9-11, but you know what?




    I pray Lord God that you will touch Christian's hearts today.  I pray that you will open folks eyes to the realities that are happening in the world today, and I pray that every Christian who is reading these words will be blessed with the gift of discernment regarding these matters!  I pray that even if they don't WANT to see these things, that they will not be able to hide from them.  I hope that they will finally let out that big sigh as they surrender, and stop fighting the truth.  That they will allow the words of truth to be said and accepted in their homes, in their churches, and in their circles of friendship and influence.  I pray that you will, as you did when you pursued them and drew them to yourself to save them, with the same persistent "hound of heaven" enthusiasm you will hound them with the truth, and set them free from the need to maintain the status Quo!  Lord please, touch hearts, heal minds, calm spirits, and remind us of who Jesus was, and how he taught us to be!


In Christ, F.E.Reilly


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